About Us

Suprex International, Ltd. was founded in 1990 by George and Viorica Cucu, proud expatriates from Romania, a nation which boasts a rich winemaking history. They dreamed that, through their efforts, Romania would again reach the level of prestige that it had attained prior to World War II.

George and Viorica embarked on a monumental 10-year quest to find the best Romanian winemakers and guide them down a path of continual improvement. Initially they worked though the daunting state-owned winery cooperative system, but more recently, willing and energetic private winery owners have made their task easier. George spends 3 to 4 months a year in the vineyards, pushing for better growing, harvesting, and vinification methods.

In 2002, their son Flavius joined and later took up the reins in order to help provide support of his parentsí dream into both the next generation and the current century, while retaining the standards and care inherent in a family company.

Through their efforts, Suprex International, Ltd. has become the most respected Romanian wine importer in the United States. In addition to their foundation of Romanian wines, the Suprex portfolio has expanded exponentially to include international selections from all over the globe, as well as choice American wines spanning the nation from California to New York.